Why the Name BrightLights?

Identity & Mission

A company's name is part of its identity. The mission and goals of the company should be encompassed in the name. It should be simple. The name should be unique and identifiable without similar names in the same industry. Most importantly, the name  should communicate a positive message.


The guiding principle of this business is light. Light helps to understand a problem. Light illuminates those operating under the cover of darkness. The brighter the light, the more we can see and understand.


On the other side of light is darkness, and finance is filled with complex products with confusing fee structures and many unscrupulous people that seek to take advantage of this darkness. Shining a light on these shady and sometimes illegal business practices - by analyzing your investment and banking activity - is the only way to detect the problem and identify a solution.


My clients are primarily professional athletes. These are young adults earning millions of dollars who typically have minimal experience in finance and money management. Without this experience, athletes rely on others to take care of their finances. This is normal. What is not normal is having someone handle your money without any checks and balances to ensure that they are performing their job honestly and ethically. 

Who Is Shining That Light on Your Finances?

Athletes play under the bright lights of arenas and live amidst endless scrutiny, criticism, and analysis. Ironically, the statistics on athletes and the scams and frauds that occur indicate that athletes finances are rarely examined with the same level of scrutiny. As the saying goes, give someone an inch, and they'll take a mile.


BrightLights is a consulting service dedicated to providing transparency in the dark world of finance by explaining to you exactly what is going on with your investments and money.


BrightLights is not a financial adviser/broker and will not make recommendations to buy or sell investment products. BrightLights will not be paid a percentage of your net worth or earnings but instead charges an hourly fee. BrightLights will not control your assets. 


BrightLights is focused on integrity and establishing trust with its clients. BrightLights' Founder, David Byrne, is a Certified Fraud Examiner and will adhere to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners' strict Code of Professional Standards and Code of Professional Ethics.


BrightLights' mission is to reduce fraud and other abusive business practices in finance by providing checks and balances in a world weighed down by fees and conflicts.


BrightLights' goal is to solely work in your best interest.


For a free consultation, please contact BrightLights.