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A Complaint on SEC Complaints...on Behalf of Investors

83 advisers with 18,000 accounts and $1.62 billion in assets were charging excessive fees, fraudulently trading, or practicing without registrations...yet the SEC names none of them. Why?

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In Your Own Words - Albert Haynesworth

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Locket and Time

Case Study: Alyssa Milano Sues Business Manager $10 Million for Fraud


Case Study: Scotty Gets a Variable Annuity


BrightLights = Risk Management for Professional Athletes' Finances

Counting Money

What Can Pro Athletes Learn from Paul Manafort's Indictment? Follow the Money.


Johnny Depp Sues Lawyer for $30 Million in Damages

Basketball and Inequality

The Cost of Bribery and Corruption in the NCAA


Secrets To Us All: Radio DJ Defrauds Investors $5.6 Million

Paper Boats

The Costs of Financial Advice: Pro Athletes Must Choose a Financial Advisor

Deserted Basketball Court

Case Study: How Did Charles Banks Defraud Tim Duncan?


46 Reasons Why Athletes Must Monitor Their Finances

Multiple Identical Doors

Case Study: Investment Adviser Defrauds Pro Athlete and His Wife

Reflection of a Lone Tree

A Pro Athletes Financial Advisor: Broker or Investment Adviser?

Lookout Telescope

Case Study: Johnny Depp Sues Business Manager for $25 Million Fraud

Lone Tree in Drought

Financial Fallout from CTE - Fraudsters Find Another Target

Crumbling Sandcastles

Case Study: The Fyre Festival - Why Private Investments Can Be So Risky

Forest Fire

Case Study: Clinton Portis Defrauded and Bankrupt

Eiffel Tower

The Fraud Triangle and Professional Athletes

The Cost of Fraud in U.S. Professional Sports

By my estimate, pro athletes lose $300 million to fraud every year.

Matrix Code

Where Is the Data on Fraud with Professional Athletes?

Corporate Buildings in Blue

My Time at Merrill Lynch and FINRA

Rivers and Sunset

Why the Name BrightLights?