In Your Own Words - Nnamadi Asomugha

In Your Own Words is an online series of quotes by figures in the sports & entertainment industry about the lessons they’ve learned with money. Their experiences speak volumes of the need for change.

“I majored in finance at the University of California at Berkeley, but even that didn’t prepare me for protecting my money as a professional athlete. For athletes, it’s extremely tough to trust people with your finances. It’s so easy to be victimized. It’s crazy. It’s happened to me as an NFL player, to be honest. I think it’s happened to 99% of players in the league. When I hear about a player losing his money, I’ll rarely, if ever, point a finger at the player because I know how difficult it is. It’s not always “Look at this idiot who got paid all these millions of dollars and lost it all.” It may be more like, “This naive kid with a million things going on in his life put his faith in the wrong people.” I know because I was that person. Almost every one of my closest friends in the league has gone through it.”


- Nnamadi Asomugha is a former All-Pro cornerback in the NFL (earning approximately $71 million in his 10 year career) turned actor and producer. He is now married to another entertainer, Kerry Washington. This quote comes from an interview with Asomugha and Wealthsimple for their "Money Diaries" series.