In Your Own Words - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

In Your Own Words is an online series of quotes by figures in the sports & entertainment industry about the lessons they’ve learned with money. Their experiences speak volumes of the need for change.


“‘Dude, where's my money?’ is the rallying cry of many ex-athletes who wonder what happened to all the big bucks they earned. Some suffer from unwise investments or crazy spending, and others from not paying close attention. I was part of the didn't-pay-attention group.


"I chose my financial manager, who I later discovered had no financial training, because a number of other athletes I knew were using him. That's typical athlete mentality in that we're used to trusting each other as a team, so we extend that trust to those associated with teammates. Consequently, I neglected to investigate his background or what qualified him to be a financial manager. He placed us in some real estate investments that went belly up and I came close to losing some serious coin. Hey, Kareem at 30: learn about finances and stay on top of where your money is at all times. As the saying goes, ‘Trust, but verify.’”


 - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is one of the greatest NBA players of all time, a 6x NBA champion, 2x NBA Finals MVP, 6x NBA MVP, 19x All-Star, 10x NBA First-Team, the accolades go on and on. This quote comes from an interview with Esquire entitled, "Kareem: 20 Things I Wish I'd Known When I Was 30".