REP 1 Sports Announces Partnership with BrightLights Financial Monitoring



REP 1 Sports Announces Partnership with BrightLights Financial Monitoring

REP 1 will provide BrightLights fraud monitoring and reviews for all of its pro athlete clients


Irvine, CA (September 20, 2018)– REP 1 Sports, a full-service athlete representation and marketing agency, representing over 60 NFL and MLB clients, including Ben Roethlisberger, Carson Wentz, Jared Goff and Luis Severino, today announced a partnership with BrightLights, a company that reviews and monitors professional athletes’ finances for fraud. Under this partnership, REP 1 will provide all of its clients BrightLights’ services to ensurethe advisors managing their investments and bank accounts are solely working in the clients’ best interests and deter future wrongdoing due to BrightLights continuous monitoring of the clients’ finances.


“REP 1 is built on integrity and protecting clients’ interests,” said Ryan Tollner, CEO of REP 1 Sports, “and this partnership with BrightLights strengthens our mission and provides an independent advocate for our clients to ensure their financial success well into retirement.”


The Founder of BrightLights, David Byrne, is a Certified Fraud Examiner and Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist. Byrne previously worked as a financial regulator at FINRA for seven years, establishing an exemplary track record of investigating financial wrongdoing. Prior to FINRA, Byrne was licensed as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch on a team managing $600 million.


“No athlete expects to be injured, but pro athletes buy insurance, and teams have trainers to prevent injuries from happening,” said Byrne. “The same strategy is being applied to their finances. No athlete expects to be defrauded, and now REP 1 clients can ensure they receive the proper oversight and assurances regarding those managing their money. BrightLights is a unique service for REP 1, adding value for their clients above and beyond other agencies.”


About REP 1 Sports

Established in 2006, REP 1 Sports is a progressive agency with strong core values and an impeccable reputation for guiding personal and professional fulfillment of elite athletes through their playing career. For more information on REP1http:/


About BrightLights

BrightLights was founded to protect pro athletes from fraud and dishonest business practices in finance. BrightLights is not a financial advisor and will not recommend investments, control your money, or charge a percent of assets.For more information on BrightLights:


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