banking review

Understand the inflows and outflows of your cash

Analyze Your Cash Flows

Who is handling your banking, bill payments, and other money management activity? Would you know if someone you trusted was stealing $1,000 a month? $10,000 a month? How would you know?


There are numerous ways an individual entrusted with your money can steal or spend: checks, ATM withdrawals, credit cards, PayPal and Venmo disbursements, debit cards, wires, cashier’s checks, money orders, prepaid credit, debit cards, ACH payments, and the list goes on.


BrightLights will analyze your bank account statements and other supporting documents to understand disbursement patterns and identify questionable activity that may not be authorized.


BrightLights WILL NOT have access to your money only the ability to review account activity.

Before Money Movement review

Before Money Movement Review

Download the activity of your bank accounts and credit cards and upload it to a secure location in the cloud that only yourself and BrightLights can access.

during money movement review

During Money Movement Review

BrightLights will analyze the inflows and outflows of your money to determine whether any suspicious activity appears to be occurring. 

after money movement review

After Money Movement Review

You will receive a summarized report on the activity in your accounts, including spending averages, ATM withdrawals, and we will discuss the activity detected to determine whether it was legitimate or unauthorized activity. 

"You'll say to a player, 'How are you doing?'

A lot of the time they'll respond, 'I have no idea.'

All the bills are paid by someone else and none of the statements go to the athlete."  

- Bob Young, Managing Director of Apex Wealth Management

Source: Pablo Torre, Sports Illustrated