continuous Monitoring of your Investment & Bank accounts

Ensure accountability on your team and deter wrongdoing.

Analyze Your Cash Flows

Based on a study of 2,700 cases of fraud, monitoring and audits resulted in the largest deduction in fraud.

BrightLights will drastically minimize your risk of fraud and abuse by actively monitoring all deposits, withdrawals, and transactions in your investment accounts and bank accounts.


With an independent monitor in place, your best interests will be protected, and your financial advisor and business manager deterred from any temptation of wrongdoing due to BrightLights oversight.

Before Monitoring

Before Money Movement Review

BrightLights will determine the frequency of your monitoring - monthly, quarterly, or semi-annually - based on the level of your oversight and understanding of your finances.


BrightLights will then receive duplicate investment / banking account statements for review.

during Monitoring

During Money Movement Review

BrightLights will analyze any changes in your investments and inflows / outflows of your money to determine whether any suspicious activity appears to be occurring.

after monitoring

After Money Movement Review

You will receive a summarized report detailing the changes in your investment and banking accounts during the period of review and whether the activity appears in-line with your goals and expectations and if any activity appears to be suspicious.


BrightLights will work with you to immediately address and resolve any suspicious activity or problematic changes in your account.

NFL #4 Overall Pick and Running Back, Darren McFadden:


"I wasn't on top of my finances like I should have been, and I trusted somebody to take care of everything for me, and I don't feel like at the time he had my best interest."

Source: Dallas News