Assess Your Risks

Finance is complicated. Understand your risks. 

Complete Questionnaire

Test Your Finances

Complete a short questionnaire answering general information about your finances. Then schedule a free consultation with BrightLights.

Understand Your Risk

Understand Your Risk

After completing your questionnaire, BrightLights will provide a risk assessment score based on both your internal and external fraud risks.

Identify Your Financial Weaknesses

Identify Your Weaknesses

Discussing the score of your questionnaire may identify weaknesses in your control of your finances and provide a blueprint of changes to protect yourself.

Decide Your Next Step

Decide your next step

After discussing your risk  score, BrightLights will recommend a next step: No Further Review, Changes Recommended, or Review Recommended.

Before the risk assessment

Before Your Risk Assessment
  • Contact BrightLights to receive the risk questionnaire. BrightLights will send you a link to a secure location to access your questionnaire. 
  • The questionnaire will help to identify and evaluate fraud risk factors, specifically what opportunities, incentives, and rationalizations others have to defraud or mislead you.
  • Once your questionnaire is completed, your free consultation will be scheduled.

During the risk assessment

During Your Risk Assessment
  • We will discuss your risk questionnaire and evaluate the risk factors and potential weaknesses in your finances that could be exploited by others and what you as an individual need to do to strengthen your control. 

After the risk assessment

After Your Risk Assessment
  • Both your risk assessment score and our consultation will determine whether a review of your finances for potential fraud, abusive, deceptive, or predatory business practices is recommended. 
  • If the risk assessment results in a recommendation of No Further Action or Change Recommended, BrightLights will not recommend a review because your understanding and control of your finances appears secure. However, BrightLights may offer preventative tips and guidance on best practices to reduce the risk of fraud and abuse.

what warrants a Recommended review?

  • There are countless scenarios that would warrant a review and just as many that would warrant no further action to be taken. The main goal of the questionnaire is to understand the probability that a fraudulent, abusive, or unethical financial event will occur or may be occurring and the amount of loss that could result from that event.
  • For example, if people outside your immediate family had access to your money through ATM/credit/debit cards, and you were unaware of the amount of money being withdrawn or spent from your accounts on a periodic basis, the risk of potential fraud or abuse would be high as there are no current controls in place for you to identify if this was happening. The amount of loss over a period of time could be significant, therefore, a review would be recommended.
  • On the other hand, if you monitored the inflows and outflows of money with your accounts and spending and had a firm understanding of your financial investments, BrightLights would likely recommend no further action was needed.