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Most athletes do not have the time to thoroughly research a financial advisor's background, employment history, investment philosophy, fees, outside business activities, and potential conflicts of interest.

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Advisors and their firms are required to disclose a ton of information that details their motivations and incentives to invest your money.

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A scouting report will identify the strengths and weaknesses of a potential advisor and provide an overall score to help choose the best advisor.

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Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 6x NBA Champ, 2x NBA Finals MVP, and 6x NBA MVP:


"I chose my financial manager, who I later discovered had no financial training, because a number of other athletes I knew were using him. That's typical athlete mentality in that we're used to trusting each other as a team, so we extend that trust to those associated with teammates. Consequently, I neglected to investigate his background or what qualified him to be a financial manager. He placed us in some real estate investments that went belly up and I came close to losing some serious coin. Hey, Kareem at 30: learn about finances and stay on top of where your money is at all times. As the saying goes, ‘Trust, but verify.’”

 - As told to Esquire