Rookie Transition

The transition to the pros is filled with promises of riches and returns, but how do you know who to trust?


Our oversight prevents those with bad intentions from working with you, and we find the right advisors to keep you financially secure.

STOPping THe BAD actors

Working with BrightLights' will prevent financial advisors from exploiting you because they know your money is being protected by a Certified Fraud Examiner.

Understand Your Risk


BrightLights will provide Scouting Reports for all financial advisors recruiting you to find an advisor without red flags who will work in your best interest.

Identify Your Financial Weaknesses

Transparency is key

The majority of the financial industry are not transparent because their interests come before yours. BrightLights helps you find transparent and honest financial advisors.

Decide Your Next Step

A career on the right path

BrightLights has seen numerous rookies exploited for their lack of financial knowledge, losing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Don't start your career this way.

A financial watchdog for your rookie year

  • BrightLights Rookie Transition lasts one year and begins after you declare for the draft.
  • Rookie Protection is a flat fee and is not based on your expected income.  
  • BrightLights helps you transition to the pros by grading the many financial advisors recruiting you with Scouting Reports, which helps you choose the best advisor.   
  • BrightLights then monitors your financial advisor and any others controlling your money to ensure they are managing your money responsibly and in your best interest.
  • BrightLights provides on-call consulting to discuss any questions you have during your Rookie Year.
  • After one year, the Rookie and his family decide whether to take control of overseeing the finances or continue with BrightLights' Continuous Monitoring service.

why BrightLights?

  • Rookies do not have the time and/or understanding to oversee their finances.
  • Rookies hire a financial advisor and business manager and no longer involve themselves in the management of their money, blindly trusting their advisors in an industry that's been plagued by fraud, scandals, and dishonesty.
  • Athletes will continue to go broke with this lack of oversight. It is too easy for fraudsters to steal from them.
  • Smart fraudsters steal from their clients in small increments that are hard for athletes to identify when he is spending tens of thousands of dollars a month.
  • Smart fraudsters exploit their clients in ways they know the athlete would not understand. 
  • People who take control of your money after you've become rich should not be trusted without independent oversight.
  • Athletes in the sports industry have been stolen from and exploited for decades now. Nobody has fixed this problem. Why do you think that is?   
  • BrightLights is the solution. It's that simple.

Former NFL All-Pro and NFL Man of the Year, Nnamdi Asomugha:

"I majored in finance at the University of California at Berkeley, but even that didn’t prepare me for protecting my money as a professional athlete. For athletes, it’s extremely tough to trust people with your finances. It’s so easy to be victimized. It’s crazy. It’s happened to me as an NFL player, to be honest. I think it’s happened to 99% of players in the league.” 

- Source: Interview with Wealthsimple