“Hey David, I wanted to check in on you and BrightLights. I’ve been thinking about your company a lot, I think it’s a great thing you’re doing. I wanted to reconnect to see if there are any additional ways I can help?”

- Via a recent phone call.


I have much to be thankful for. Every so often, I will get a call or email like the one above, asking how BrightLights is doing and how he/she can help. These calls and emails mean the world to me. It is energy for a solitary occupation, handrails on this climb. 


There are people who have actively worked by my side, championing my cause and introducing me to countless people. Some of the most selfless people I’ve come across have been introduced through a web of connections, leaving me stunned to find someone so far removed from my circle who finds so much purpose in BrightLights’ mission.


For example, I was introduced to someone in New York by a former coworker who lives in San Francisco. That guy in New York introduced me to someone in Florida, who introduced me to someone in Los Angeles, who introduced me to someone in San Francisco, who introduced me to another person in Los Angeles. That’s six degrees of separation! (Or if you will: Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon).


This guy in Los Angeles turned out to be from Virginia and went to college right near me. We hit it off immediately. He was so excited about BrightLights and knew athletes and entertainers desperately needed it. He has introduced me to a legion of people, unwilling to stop at any of the roadblocks we’ve encountered. 


He’s not the only one. From the start of BrightLights over two years ago, people’s introductions have been the only reason we're still here today. My first two partnerships with sports agencies? I can thank one guy. My Reddit AMA which led to a CNBC profile? I can thank one guy. Working for an NBA star? One guy. There are so many more. Even the introductions that fizzled out or led to people who didn’t want to talk to me or said I wasn’t going to make it. I needed all those conversations.


Many other people who aren't connected to the sports or financial industry continuously offer support and encouragement. You may laugh, but it means so much when people like or share my blogs and posts (even if they don't read them!) or encouragingly comment on any accomplishments. Because it takes a village.  


So thank you. All of you.