"This [fraud] is happening...it's happening with A LOT of athletes. Right now!

And guys are not even saying nothing." 

- Lebron James  

As said on HBO's The Shop, Season 2, Episode 2 

Pro athletes have lost $500 million to fraud by money managers.

BrightLights is the solution to the epidemic of fraud and financial exploitation.

Founder, David Byrne, interviewed by CNBC's "Halftime Report" contributor, Josh Brownnamed by The WSJ, Barron's, & TIME as the most important financial follow on Twitter.

David Byrne featured on Gary Vaynerchuk's "DailyVee" to discuss BrightLights' partnership with VaynerSports,

Gary and his brother AJ's sports agency.

Over 46,000 people read David Byrne's Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) for their NBA Community! Give it a read.

BrightLights Presentation to 2019 NBA Draft Class for Wasserman: "Protecting Your NBA Future from Fraud & Finding the Right Financial Team"

The Athletic filmed "The Dream Factory" which features David Byrne's presentation to Wasserman's 2019 NBA Draft Class.

Let a Certified Fraud Examiner & Former Financial Regulator

ensure transparency & accountability by those controlling pro athletes' money.

risk assessment

know your advisor

Will your financial advisor work in your best interest? What products is he incentivized to sell? Is he/she really a fiduciary or not? 

BrightLights' Scouting Report grades financial advisors on conflicts, fees, disciplinary history, and more. 

Choose the best. It's your future.

prevent future misconduct

Prevent FRAUD

A lack of oversight is responsible for nearly half of frauds, and the monitoring and audits of accounts result in the largest deduction in fraud.

BrightLights continuously monitors your investment and bank accounts to increase accountability & decrease your risk of fraud. 

protect your investments

Trust But VERIFY

For veteran athletes who have never reviewed their accounts for fraudulent withdrawals, unsuitable investments, or conflicts of interest, BrightLights' Deep Dive will review years of past activity to ensure you have a clean bill of financial health for retirement.

Don't become another statistic.

Pro athletes lost $500 million to fraud from 2004 - 2017.

Source: Ernst & Young Report "Athletes Targeted by Fraud"

89% of fraudsters are first-time offenders.

Source: ACFE Report 2018

97% of fraudsters take efforts to conceal their frauds.

Source: ACFE Report 2018

Hire an expert without control of your money for financial checks & balances.

BrightLights reviews the following:

Financial Advisors

BrightLights will review your investments


BrightLights will review your banking

Bank Accounts

BrightLights is NOT a financial advisor and is NOT compensated by financial advisors, but works with athletes to create a team & culture based on accountability and cooperation.

The 2nd Biggest Sports Agency in the World, Wasserman, Announces Partnership with BrightLights

VaynerSports Announces Partnership with BrightLights

"This partnership with BrightLights makes so much sense for our clients. The solution to fraud and financial exploitation against pro athletes is not education...The solution is oversight and monitoring. This is a way to break the system.”

- Gary Vaynerchuk, Co-Founder of VaynerSports and the VaynerMedia empire

REP 1 Sports Announces Partnership with BrightLights

"This partnership with BrightLights strengthens our mission and provides an independent advocate for our clients to ensure their financial success well into retirement." - CEO of REP 1 Sports, Ryan Tollner 

BrightLights Presents "Financial Responsibility, Fraud, and your Future" to Priority Sports' Clients & Agents.

PRNewswire: Vanguard Sports Forms Strategic Alliance with BrightLights

BrightLights Presentation at NCAA's Elite Student-Athlete Symposium for Men's Basketball

Featured in REBOUND, the official publication of the National Basketball Retired Players Association

"As the saying goes, 'Trust but verify.'"

-Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

As said to Esquire in "Things I Wish I Knew"